RJ Matravers – Thatching Services

New & Re-Thatching

The process of thatching and rethatching is a complex process. The roof is viewed by us as a jigsaw puzzle. To minimise work and mess careful consideration has to be given as to where to start and when re-thatching how much to strip before the new thatch is put in to replace the old.

Ridging & Patching

To maintain a thatched roof it is advised that it will need a new ridge and patching every 10-12 years and when this work is carried out the roof will also be generally tidied up, small repairs done, moss removed and the edges of the roof straightened. If the roof has wire netting, this will be removed and on completion of the work, new netting will be fitted.

Timber Roofing, Chimney Rebuilds & Lead Work

During re-thatching work we are able to offer and carry out repair work as required. We are also able to fit fire felt or boards and insulation, the chimneys re-pointed or repaired and any lead work that is required.

RJ-Matravers Ridge in progress
RJ-Matravers Thatch Ridge

Advice & Free Quotation

With many years of experience we are able to offer professional advice on the installation of fire barriers, fire retardant spray and insulation products. We are also pleased to offer a free no obligation quote.

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